Property Line Stakeouts       (Boundary Survey)

A boundary survey is the surveyor's professional opinion on the location of property lines of the subject parcel.

To stakeout the boundary lines of any property, the surveyor must first confirm their location. This requires research at the Registry of Deeds, Land Court and local town offices for any recorded deeds and plans of the locus property and surrounding lands. After examining the deeds and plans, the surveyor will perform an instrument survey locating all monuments, property corner markers and any other structures indicating lines of possession such as fences or stone walls. The results of the fieldwork will be compared with the research. The surveyor will then reconcile all the information to determine a final conclusion about the boundaries. At this point, markers can be set on property corners and property lines.  

Land Mapping Inc. prefers using iron rebar with caps for marking property corners and wooden stakes on property lines. Copies of all documentation gathered throughout the process and a sketch of the boundary marker locations are provided to the client.